ConThingy's privacy policy was written by our developers to try to clearly explain what information about you we collect, and what we do with it. It may be superseded by a document that our lawyers like better, at such a time as we're doing well enough to actually need lawyers.

What information we collect

To use ConThingy, we require you to give us a username and password. Any other information you provide is optional, and can be removed from our system at any time. If you choose to give it to us, we may collect personal information such as: your name (real or pseudonymous), your location, contact information for you, conventions you have attended or plan to attend, and other information about you that you provide directly to us. We do not collect any information from other sites about you. We do not want to know anything about you that you do not tell us yourself. While we don't use any external data you provide right now, we may start integrating with external sites in the future, but we will make sure all data we import is under your control and at your request.

How we use collected information

We may use contact information you provide to us to contact you with mails you've asked us to send. We will use information you've provided to us to deliver what we believe are convenient defaults for many activities on our site, and we reserve the right to use it in other ways that don't involve sharing it outside of ConThingy (for example, we might start using it to recommend conventions). We will never sell your data to any business, except in one circumstance: we reserve the right to give or sell information about you to conventions that you are attending, in order to help those conventions plan and run better events. We may use information about you to determine what advertisements to show you, but we will never share that information with advertisers. (For example, an advertiser may request to show an ad to people who attend a specific convention, or people who are in a certain region - however, we will never release the list of who attended a convention to anyone except the convention organizers, and we will not release a list of who is in what region under any circumstances.)

We may release aggregate data about all of our users publicly. This data will be compiled from data that was voluntarily entered, and will not contain data that can specifically identify our users. For example, we may release maps that show the distribution of all people who attended a certain convention - however, we will release data that is sufficiently imprecise that only general geographic regions (such as zip codes) can be identified, and not specific addresses.

How we protect children

In order to comply with all applicable laws, we don't allow children under the age of 13 to have accounts on ConThingy. We don't think most kids that age are planning trips to cons without their parents, anyhow.

How this privacy policy might change

We might have made mistakes. We might need to use more data to do something really, really cool that we hope you'll love. We promise not to spring that kind of a change on you, though. If we ever change our privacy policy, we will prominently announce it on the site, and we will give you the opportunity to delete data that you no longer want us to have. We intend to discuss changes in the privacy policy publicly on the site before we make them, so everyone can understand why we're using the data we're using.

The spirit of the policy

While the specific details may change, we will keep the spirit of the policy the same:

Your data is valuable to you. You are trusting us with it in order to do cool things that our site lets you do. We will always be careful with your data to keep it from accidentally being shared with people you don't want to have it. We will never sell your data or barter with it, except to conventions, because data about people going to conventions is their data, too. We will be extremely open about what we're doing, and keep no secrets about what we do with your data. Since your data is yours, we'll let you take it back at any time.